Hi, I'm Kristina Kinson.

Journalist and Digital Content Specialist based in Barcelona.

I'm specialized in Content Marketing, Communications and Digital Video.

At my core, I'm a communicator. I have 5 years of professional experience in news writing and storytelling, and 3 years of experience in the marketing and communications sector.

I can help you distinguish your business or brand through content creation, social media and audiovisual storytelling.

I'm a native Spanish speaker who is also fluent in English, Russian and Catalan.

My skills

I've spent the past 4 years mastering...


My experience as an editor, international news correspondent, and content director has allowed me to develop strong writing skills. As a journalist, I have mostly published my work in the Spanish media, but I've also worked in English-speaking environments in the marketing and communications space. 

I have written hundreds of texts, articles, reports and news stories on topics such as as international politics, economics, human rights, travel, food, and culture.
As a storyteller, for me it's not that important what I write about or how I feel about it. What matters is the narrative itself and how it can leave a mark on the audience.

Content Marketing/PR

- SEO Copywriting: I can write persuasive and engaging content with your target keywords that is also effective for search engines. I use keyword research and a series of SEO tools to optimize the articles taking into account the user intent and how SERPs work.

- Blogs: I can help you create unique and useful content (in English or Spanish) that attracts traffic to your corporate blog, tailored to your industry, needs and marketing goals.

- Link Building & Digital PR: I can create a customized strategy to improve your site's ranking and visibility on Google's search results, and increase your referral traffic.

Video Production

- Video production and editing: I'm skilled in digital video editing and motion graphics, and I have my own video production gear. I can create and beautifully edit videos related to your industry and your product that will help you capture the attention of your potential customers.

- Video marketing: I have experience in creating video marketing strategies for Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, aimed at generating brand awareness, engagement and sales growth.

Social Media

- Social Media Content strategy: I'm certified in Content Marketing and Social Media (HubSpot) and can craft a personalized content strategy with an inbound marketing approach to increase your engagement and build an audience, especially on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. This includes creating, monitoring and demonstrating social ROI with web analytics tools.

- Community Management: the content you publish is key to attract the attention of your potential customers and also for your paid campaigns (Ads) to be effective. I have experience in managing social media profiles and sharing multimedia content that helps drive traffic and reach marketing goals.

Check out my portfolio

Find here some samples of my published work in the media, video projects, social media posts, and marketing campaigns.